Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More leadership boards and Kayla Time with Gators

Here are some more of the leadership boards that I photo'd.
Remember that you can click on the photo and actually see the cards closer

Then this is a photo of Gayle, Sheila and I waiting to go in the room for the demonstrations. 
This next 2 photos is my daughter, Kayla and I, after Leadership I hung out with her for 3 days and she took me to see these gators. I was spooked, there were hundreds of them, there was no way to stop them if they came up the small hill. They had signs saying to stay 20 feet away from them but I wanted to get out of there. LOL. 


gail m said...

looks like you had so much fun cant wait for you to show us some of the things you learned by the way love to see that your card made it on the board

Anonymous said...

I agree - the gators are scary! -Gwen

Anonymous said...

nice pic of u and your beautiful daughter but those gaters a pretty scary looking love u sis xoxoxoxxo