Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am leaving for the airport now, By the time this posts, I will be boarding or taking off for Florida. Wish me luck. Just wanted to share a quick, cute photo that Ronda Wade posted on facebook. Its so cute that I had to share

I thought I'd share her photo because that is me waving to all of you saying, see you in a week. Pray that my dad is ok while I'm gone. He told me yesterday to go but that he couldnt guarantee me that he'd be well while I was gone :(
Then at about 2 am I got a call and they had to intubate him again. :(
I will miss you all
Talk with you very soon
Rubber Hugs

P.S. I sceduled some cards everyday while I'm gone to keep you looking so make sure you come back. Not sure what the internet capabilities will be for me but if I can, I will post Live From Sunny Florida and Leadership.


Laurie said...

Saying prayers for your Dad to be well while you're gone

gail m said...

hope you have a good time and i will be thinking of your dad