Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leadership 2013 photos

Here is just a tease of some of the photos. I will post more tomorrow.
the first one is the welcome sign with Gayle Basset and I posing for our first photo.

Then we have the welcome sign going in to the room that all the displays are in. Also the Lunch room. 
Then you have our packet that we got our goodies in and the goodies in the packet 

Next is a Picture of Shelli Gardner (owner of Stampin' Up!) and I and Her with Gayle as well, these were taken at Managers Reception 

Then the last one for today is Gayle and I drinking Butter Beer. We had to take this one several times because our first instinct is to lick our lips and then the mustache is gone. LOL. Hard to do. 

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Jen Lesage said...

So far it looks like you had fun. Can't wait to see more.