Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Leadership photos

Here are some more Leadership photos. Here is Gayle, Myself and Jen at Pajama Night and then Gayle and myself as well. I bought the pajamas as my gift to them, we usually always do something for each other. Of course I didnt know that the first year that I went. BUT, Now I do and you wont see me forgetting ever again. Gayle didnt see anything posted about a pajama night and I thought I was crazy afterwards because I couldnt find it either and we found out that it was posted on the updates and not on the Leadership info. Phew. I thought I was losing it. LOL. Gayle bought us our sparkly lanyards and Jen gave us a bag of candy to get us through all the classes. Life Saver She is.

Next is the photo of my Demonstrator Business Support specialist (AKA my Stampin' Up! Coach) Sara
She calls me every other week, sets challenges for me and helps me with staying on track to earn goals that we set together. She is new to me, Rett had to leave his position and she took his place but has been fabulous in filling his shoes. He was a great inspiration to me and I couldnt have earned FIJI without him. Now she is helping me learn new things like the importance of updating my blogs, facebook team page and my Demonstrator Business web site. Although I dont update my website as often, I do occasionally and now all my blog posts are linked to my website so check out my website too. 
And now lastly I want to post a couple more of the WOW swap cards that this woman we met at the doors had swapped and let us take photos of....... I posted some more of these on my facebook team page so check it out and join my group on facebook as well. 


Jen Lesage said...

Wow!!! It looks like you ladies have a lot of at Leadership. Thanks for showing photos.

gail said...

Looks like you had lots if fun. The cards are beautiful
Gail P