Saturday, April 20, 2013

another challenge card

here is another challenge card and tomorrow I will be posting the cards that we did at tonight's party. I can't wait to share with you.
For now, here is the last challenge card.
Apparently you are all getting bored with the challenge thing already because everyone stopped posting comments.
Here you go. I will still post a challenge but not sure if I'll post them on here. I need the comments. Keep them coming.

I wont know you came to visit if you dont tell me.
These 2 cards came from Barbara and she is fairly new to the whole stampin thing. so, kudos to her for making 2. Thanks Barb


Anonymous said...

these are nice cards especially from a newbie. keep up the good work Betsy R

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting bored with the challenges, I just didn't get to check in this week. Keep doing the challenges and promote a lot to you downline. Just don't give up, I love that you are doing this.

jasgirl39 said...

I'm not getting bored with the challenge. I think it is a lot of fun.I just don't of commenting I keep forgetting sorry hun. I will try to remember to make comments luv ya xoxoxo. Please keep the challenges going I enjoy doing them.

Anonymous said...

Those cards are gorgeous Tada for My niece I believe this is the Barbara lol Love u xoxoxoxoxo