Friday, April 19, 2013

another creative challenge card

Here is another card from a customer and friend that was created for this challenge.
WOOHOO. you ladies rock.
Keep them coming.

Here is the card.....
Cindy Martin

Oh my, my head is spinning with ideas these days. I have a party tonight, I have a customer coming to do her scrapbooking class that she missed tomorrow morning, then, my catalog sneak peak tomorrow, Shopping on Sunday, work Monday through wednesday, bowling tournament on Tuesday for Slim, final night of bowling for our league Wednesday and then I get my grandkids on Wednesday night, haircut on Friday and off  and then I leave Saturday for FIJI. Can't wait. Its all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I owe so much appreciation to all of you for helping me earn this trip of a lifetime. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rubber HUGS,

May is coming, I have alot in Store for May, Its my anniversary month with Stampin' Up! I am going to have a whole lot of stuff to give away, so make sure you are watching. This is going to be FUN!!! 10 Years with Stampin' Up! for me. WOW, Just doesnt seem possible. One of my personal goals has been to think of a really cool team name for my team. I have one but I dont like it and I never did. Can you all help me think of an awesome team name.
P. S. I found this card on Pinterest and I so want to make it. I'd tweak it a little but I love it.
pinterest card


Anonymous said...

nice card but I would remove the bling Betsy r

jasgirl39 said...

That is a beautiful card.I would luv to do that card.Luv ya hun xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

may is your 10 year anniversary TADA for you sis and yes WOW where did the time go? Can't to see wha fun we will have in May. And this was a cute card, Love u xoxoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

Opps I forgot there were two cards on here. That's my sister's card Good Job sis. Ty again sis for sharing these post of your teams challenges. Love u xoxoxoxoxo