Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winner for the $100 shopping spree

So, since we earned my cruise I promised anyone ordering on the last week of March that I would put any names in to win the $100 shopping spree for helping me earn this fabulous all expense paid vacation for 2.
SO, I sat down tonight and wrote all the names down of those who ordered during that week and here is the winning result.......................

Sarah Alvanos

Sarah you have won yourself a $100 shopping spree with me.

I usually make Slim draw the winners but this time, He is sick and in bed so I went ahead and did it.
Email me with your selections when ever you decide.

The rest of you, No worries, Its not over now, There is still the 5 $50 winners that I will announce at my customer appreciation event on June 29th.
For everyone placing a $50 order from January through May 30th, your name will be in this drawing.
Save the date for the event on June 29th.


Anonymous said...

good job Sarah. I love winning. Enjoy your shopping spree. Congrads on your hard work sis love u miss u xoxoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

I am soooo excited this is awesome wow Sarah A