Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flying out to FIJI and challenge cards

Here is another challenge card. I love it. How about you? There are more coming in but I am not sure if I will get them in time to post. Trudy sent me one to my cell but I dont know how to post it here. She is trying to re send it to me.
This one was done by Gail Macdougal. I lvoe how she used the framelits and cut the pieces and then layered and stamped them. AWESOME WORK GAIL. Thank you for sharing.

Gail Macdougal
Now, By the time you are reading this. I am on my way to the airport. Some of you by the time you are reading this I'm already on this plane. This is the Pacific Air plane that I will be on for 10.5 hours. UGH.
My flight actually leaves burlington at 11 am and then this one is 11 pm. .......
Pacific Air flight to FIJI

Now for some of you by the time you are reading this, I will be HERE.......

Thanks to all of YOU I am here. WOOHOO. I am going to bring back some prizes from FIJI to give away at my customer appreciation event on June 29th. Save the date. 
Thanks for stopping by.
Love you all 


Laurie said...

Have a wonderful earned it

Anonymous said...

Love gails card too. have a great vacation we will all miss you. Betsy r