Thursday, April 25, 2013

Winners of the retired list and some challenge cards.

WOOHOO, WOW, you ladies did some really good guessing.
Most of you had either 8 or 7 or 6 correct.
There was a tie and 2 of you will share the $50 making it $25 each.

The Winners are.........Drumroll Please............

Sarah Alvanos
Debbie Kellogg
You both guessed 8 sets correctly that are retiring.
Thank you all for playing along.

Now for some challenge cards.
I am spreading them out so that I have enough for today and tomorrow.

Here are the first couple entries..........

Betsy Rotax

Betsy Rotax

Angela MacDonald

Laurie Pelcher

Laurie did 3 different ones. I thought I'd share that you can do them in different angles and still have the same effect. Great job ladies. 
Laurie Pelcher 

Laurie Pelcher
Thanks Everyone for playing along. I know there are more of you out there that know how to do this layout. Lets see some more come in today. HUGS
Thanks for stopping By. 
I am officially on vacation and I'm trying to get everything ready to go so that you have posts every day but its not going as smoothly as I'd like, For instance todays is late but at least its here. Thanks for your patience 


Anonymous said...

Wow this is awesome !!!!! Thanks sooo much. btw love your cards Laurie !!! Sarah A

Anonymous said...

Nice Cards Angela and Laurie. Love this Monday challenge. Betsy r

Anonymous said...

This are all very,
very beautiful cards for the challenges. Ty u for sharing sis love u miss u xoxoxoxo.

jasgirl39 said...

Very nice cards I can't wait to make mine.They are alot of fun to do.Luv ya Betty xoxoxoxo