Sunday, April 7, 2013

swaps from yesterday

here are the swaps from my Up Line(Jen Heffernan) meeting yesterday. She got me started in this business and because of her, I am where I am today. She has been a huge inspiration over the past 10 years to me. I watched her climb and earn those trips and I wanted to get where she was so I worked hard, and here I am.
Marti Jurnak
Anyway, here are the swaps.....
Jen Heffernan
Grace Burkins

Shanti Mckenna
Gwen Landis

Sharon Tisdale
Madeline Gardner

Gerry Dyer
Mary Ann Schulze
Pam Tatko


Anonymous said...

My top 3 picks in order are Pam's, Madeline's and Gwen's. They are all beautiful cards. Betsy R.

gail said...

These cards are absolutely beautiful. Kudos to all of the card makers. Hugs, Gail P

Anonymous said...

nice swaps sis love u miss u xoxoxxoxo