Monday, April 22, 2013

Mastering Monday Challenge

ok so here it is just a little late but its here, I broused through all of my cards and thought, OH LETS TRY TRIPLE TIME STAMPING. 
Mastering Monday Challenge sample
Mastering Monday Challenge is something new I am trying. I want to start getting you all to use your stamps more and be creative. So I propose a card idea on Monday and you re create it. using your own idea.

So, for this week I thought we could give triple time stamping a try. I know most of you have done it at my workshops so give it a whirl and show me what you can come up with.

The rules for this challenge is, Be creative and layer your card with 3 complete layers of neutral and 3 layers of a color of your choice, then add ribbon and a verse and some stamps, your choice and a punched image on top(does not have to be a butterfly)

So, because this one is a little harder I think I am going to have a judge this time and have my judge tell me which one they like best and the winner will receive a cool something new from the upcoming new catalog that you are all gonna want. I know you will. If you dont play, you can't win so why not make this fun and play along.
SO, lets get creating.
Since I will not be here to post after Saturday, Mastering Monday next week, I will post an idea but you wont see any of the creations until I get back because I will have to pre-schedule my posts. Depending on how everything goes while I'm away, you should see one the following week too because I should be home by then.

I will have my judge (secret) Pick the winner on Friday and I will post it on Saturday before I leave for FIJI.
Have fun


Anonymous said...

gonna get right on it.this is so much fun. Betsy R

jasgirl39 said...

I love doing these creative challenges.I will do mine today after my course online luv ya

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a fun and excited challenge can't wait to see the all participants master pieces. Love u xoxoxoxxo