Friday, April 12, 2013

Two more cards for the creative challenge.

WOW, I am impressed. You all do very good work. I have 2 more to share. Hoping to get more and you have one more day to do it in. Remember there are prizes involved.
Here are todays 2 challenge cards.

Ann's Card

Trudy's Card
Trudy's card has kind of too dark of a background to see it well but I think if you click on it you can see it better. Thanks ladies for participating. Keep them coming.

Thanks for stopping by for today's post. I know there are still quite a few of you that have not entered your cards and Friday is the last day.
I will post a new challenge soon.
Jen, Gail, Laurie, Lois, Sarah A and H. Where are all of you? I know there are more that could do this so come on and join the fun.


Anonymous said...

these 2 are nice cards but I don't think they fit the criteria. just my opinion Betsy R

Betty Button said...

They just had to use circles and an embellishment, so it really does in a way fit the criteria.
Thanks for playing along ladies. All of you. But thank you for your opinion Betsy. Your opinion matters as you are a viewer. HUGS