Monday, April 8, 2013

Cruise is officially earned. WOOHOO!!!!!

This is the first thing I saw on my stats report this morning......
Congratulations! On 30-Apr-2013 you achieved the required points for the Grand Vacation!

Don't be fooled, Its not April 30th yet but if you earn it anytime after April 1st it says April 30th.
I am sooooo happy to see this. Its been a lot of hard work for me to do it this early, I have never earned it before End of May or early June. I think the earliest has actually been June but can't remember for sure. Working my full time job and this, I am so pooped by the end of a week that I just wish there was one more day to have off. Can we make it an 8 day week from now on. LOL

 I do want you all to know that I couldn't have done it without you. If I wasn't such a hard worker and you all didn't love the products, I would not be able to do this, SO, THANK YOU ALL From the bottom of my heart. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Rubber Hugs




Anonymous said...

I am so proud and happy for u sis. Way to go!! love u miss u sis xoxoxoxxo

jasgirl39 said...

Congrats Betty you deserve it you worked hard to get it.Luv ya xoxoxoxo